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Rose Bag by Black Tangerine
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Secret Garden Influence


Rose Bag by Black Tangerine
Rose Bag by Black Tangerine

Inspiration: This collection is influenced by the story ‘The Secret Garden’ book by Frances Hodgson. The idea behind the collection is to create beautiful, magical  and unique experiences in the bags to make them special and create an identity which is unique to the brand. Black Tangerine brand is all about literary and cultural influences which marry together. It believes in beauty, tolerance, colour and Nietzsche’s philosophy on Cogito ergo sum, in French”Je pense donc je suis” and in English “I think, therefore I am”.

Trend:  In a fashion season filled with florals, we visualised the Black Tangerine Rose collection as capturing the artistry of a bud motif. A modern geometric design that combines lady-like flair and restraint with exuberance. The energy of petals is about to unfold. A blossoming of unexpected colour.

Colors and materials used to create your collection: The rose collection created in fine leather features handbags, totes and cross body styles with unique finesse and function.

A short company profile:

The Black Tangerine Mission

To pursue unfettered creativity in the world of leather handbag design. To create a following among those who are stylish individuals, not swayed by the herd mentality.

To satisfy the accessory market with designer handbags that are refreshingly original and different from the big box brands. To create handbags that each have their own unique story.