I smell freakin good!


Yesterday, I received a surprise gift from my friend Marco, a perfume from the Swedish Perfumier Byredo. I haven't bought a new perfume in years having been addicted to Orange Blossom by Jo Malone since my wedding in 2004.  I haven't actually felt the need for a new perfume, well not until today when I realise that Byredo's Green  is exactly what I was missing. Byredo has made nine different unisex perfumes: Chembur, Gypsy Water, Rose … [Read more...]

I am in love with my new computer bag!


Sounds like I have a sad and lonely life but far from. My love for my new bag is purely professional. During the day when I am at work it's the focus of my adoration, by the time I am at home my love is totally directed toward my husband and my daughter. I have been looking at the Decadent bags for a couple of months  now, hoping I'd find a reason to buy one and I finally did. My choice was the DECADENT 455 Tall Shopper Bordeaux (see right), … [Read more...]

Planning a trip, or two, or three!


This spring is going to be busy, I am going away three times and subsequently I am now making plans for three different trips. Two are just for pleasure; Skiing with my family in Storlien and Celebrating the big 40 with my husband In Lisbon, and one is with work (which will be fun too), we're heading to our company's US Conference in Santa Monica, California. I have only been to the States twice in my life, once to Wisconsin for the wedding of … [Read more...]

Shopping for work clothes – feel much better now…


Shopping for work clothes probably isn't the most exciting thing to do, but as I find myself in work an average of 40-50 hours per week, I guess it's a good investment. I love simple Swedish design and have been a loyal fan of Filippa K for at least 15 years now. I still remember buying my first Filippa K Suit, which was such an investment at the time. Her thick cotton/stretch roundneck white t-shirts, WHY DON'T YOU MAKE THEM … [Read more...]

Step 3: Eat more fruit!

Eat More Fruit

It's Monday again and a new week has started. This morning I managed to get out of bed at 5.45 which meant I made the 7.00 o'clock class at my fav Bikram Yoga Studio. www.ducalme.se. It's just heaven arriving there at 6.30 in the morning and start off the day with some stretching and 15 min of Savasana before the gruelling 26 poses in 40 degrees for 90 minutes start. Exercise in the morning, especially on  Monday is a great way to boost your … [Read more...]

The Perfect Weekend!


I am looking back at the past weekend with such happiness, we had such a wonderful time and being the kind of person that puts herself under too much pressure for everything to be perfect I feel that I managed to deliver a really good family weekend. Last week when Pixie said that she couldn't wait to meet Lollo & Bernie, I already knew that we were going to meet them at the Ving Family Day but I didn't say anything. So on Saturday when … [Read more...]

Making plans for the summer!


As per usual I start planning for my summer holidays early, and good job that I did, cause we booked the last apartment with a large balcony at Sunwing in Alcudia, Mallorca. We're going back to the same island and same small town as last year but this time we are staying in Alcudia for the 2 weeks. We've also decided to upgrade the hotel and are staying right on the beach this time. This will be perfect for us, both Mark and I enjoyed the … [Read more...]

An outfit for Pixie – Scotch R’Belle!


I've been too concerned with myself for the past while and now it's time to pick an outfit for Pixie. One of my favourite childrens' label is Dutch label "Scocth R'Belle" made by Scotch & Soda / Maison Scotch! They have the most wonderful stuff some of which I could imagine wearing myself. Last summer I bought a lovely sun dress for Pixie which I featured in a post some time ago and it was the perfext outfit for our summer holiday in … [Read more...]