Bring on Christmas Day!

We kept a low profile on Christmas Day morning. We had not got into bed until 1.30 and Pixie fell asleep at midnight the night before so we were quite wrecked. When we came home last night she was so full of beans we didn’t want to send her to bed immediately. Instead we played a Pippi Longstocking memory game and Mark and Pixie lay on the hall floor for ages just giggling and laughing together.

On Christmas morning Pixie got some more presents from Santa and she was delighted. We chilled out durin the morning hours until it was time to head back to my parents again where WE were to host Christmas Day dinner. I wore dark blue jeans, a black Prada top and a long Irish Aran cardigan. Just casual enough for a Christmas Day.

Mark cooked our Christmas Day dinner again this year, it’s kind of become his job. Turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, roast vegetables and his amazing gravy. He cooks like an Irish mam, it was wonderful. The only disappointment was the 30-year-old wine we brought to the dinner. It was corked or at least damaged somehow. I suppose we should invest in a wine cellar if we are to continue to keep such old wines. Well, you live an you learn.

We began the evening meal with a Whiskey-based drink called Highball together with some dates stuffed with Saint Agur and sausage-rolls with a Dijon dip. My role during Christmas Day is to to prepare the canapes, drinks and deserts, and generallt act sous chef in the kitchen with Mark. We enjoyed a Scottish-style dessert, Cranachan and shortbread that I had prepared myself. My got Mince Pies burnt in the oven. Mark gave me a really hard time over it but now I’ve realised that the termostat is broken, or at leats that’s my excuse.

From all of us to all of you a very Happy Christmas!


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