El Grupo de Mamas

It took me a day to recover from my adventure on Friday night.

We met at Caliente at St. Eriksplan for what was going to become a night of tapas, vino and salsa.
We had a lovely dinner, a couple of bottles of wine and then we headed to Tranan. Tranan was very busy, so we headed to La Habana on Sveavägen. We spent the rest of the evening downing Cuba Libres, Mojitos and Caipirinhas. We also danced, lots, me dressed in jeans and sneakers, and new By MB shirt dress. (I’m sure I looked odd, not dressed for the part and with two left feet, ha ha)
I tried to explain to a Spanish speaking gentleman that I was out partying with El Grupo de Mamas, not sure if he understood what I meant.
It’s a long time since I had such fun, but It’s not me on the pics (just thought I’d point that out!)

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